Oil machine Lubrication manufacture in Iran

Tehran Roghan Company (www.oilpressing.ir) specialize in the manufacture and sale of our Lubrication equipment (Oil pressing machine), and all parts from the body to the inner parts and the supply of the device are either manufactured by us or prepared by us. In this case, you will safely shop around from the center. You work in this professional and specialized field and it works exactly as you wish.

Sale and price of sesame oiling machine

The cost, the tariff for the sale of household oiling machine – Tehran oil – from 50 million Rials to the above, depends on the amount of output of the device (cheap but very good quality for home use)

Oil Seal Machinery – Small and desiccant is a device for getting oil from oily plant seeds with a simple and stylish design. This machine has both cold press and hot pressing systems.

The second machine produces varieties of butter and butter:

Ability to produce Ardeh, Almond Butter, Sesame Butter, Butter, Pistachio Butter

Peanut Butter, Pistachio Butter  ,It has the ability to produce varieties of vegetable butter such as peanut butter, sesame butter, pistachio butter, sweet almond butter and hazelnut butter

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